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We are a multi-facetted, progressive renewable energy group.

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We operate across the UK and export to more than 50 countries worldwide!

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The first company to join the Compro group, isoenergy install and design a vast range of high-quality, economical and sustainable renewable heating products and systems to very large homes, buildings and businesses across the UK. Service offerings include full site surveys, consultation, installation and maintenance. They work with the best manufacturers to provide only the very best sources of sustainable energy systems and various maintenance solution options.

Marlec Engineering Ltd

Marlec is the UKs longest-standing renewable energy company. Founded in 1978, John Fawkes engineered the first Rutland Windcharger for farming applications. Today, Marlec supply and craft solar panels, their own range of Rutland Windchargers, the famous Solar iBoost+ PV immersion controller and much more for a variety of customers and clients. Their products aside, Marlec's Green Systems team also configure energy system designs for both on and off-grid projects.

SL Services

SL Services provide the UK buildings market with premium Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) renewable energy systems. Two brothers started the company over 15 years ago and the business has grown from strength to strength. By integrating low-energy indoor climate solutions, SL Services have the solution to sustainable heating and cooling at a residential level, utilising a variety of branded MVHR/ heat pumps. Since joining the Compro group, SL Services has substantially grown its client base, range of business and operational reach.

Total Ventilation Solutions

Total Ventilation Solutions (TVS) to supplies and distributes high quality MVHR products to the UK and beyond. Their value is provided by the ability to select and advise on the right product for their customers’ projects. The business was formed around a group of individuals with a long history in the renewables sector and a background in environmental studies.

Clarke-Talbot Renewable Energy Ltd

The newest member of the Compro group, Clarke-Talbot was formed in 2022 to design, supply, install and maintain multi-tech renewable energy solutions to a range of smaller buildings across the UK. Its products encompass Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar PV, Underfloor Heating, MVHR, Battery systems and more.

Energy Training Network

The Energy Training Network is an alliance of like-minded individuals and organisations who train existing engineers and new entrants to the renewables sector in a combination of facilities, hotels, colleges and academies, using selected accredited reputable training providers across the UK, with the aim of improving the level of knowledge, skill and experience required to consult, design, install, maintain and train in renewables, specifically: heat pumps, solar PV, EV chargers and battery storage.

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